Not blogged for a little while. My mind is still in recovery mode and diverting some of its resources to the healing process, but there are a couple of other reasons too.

Firstly, a friend pointed out that anything I post on my blog is kindly regarded by the rest of the world as published, so any poem or short story I put up on here can not be used later if I want to enter it into some competitions. It dampened my enthusiasm a little.

Secondly, as well as my mental healing, I have the physical healing, rehabilitation. As part of my recovery from breaking my arm, I am doing exercises, choreographed by my physio Pete. To increase my arm’s range of motion and strength I have a regime of specific exercises spread through the day that change as my arm improves. I am also walking twice a day to increase my stamina, having sat down for three months my fitness has been affected. The result of these exercises is my right arm aches and by the afternoon I find it difficult and awkward to type. I could type one-handed, but after three months of that, it’s also draining, mentally… you try it, it really becomes frustrating.

At the same I am back at work, working from home on projects that the company have given me to keep me busy and, therefore, not on the ‘sick’. probably makes their figures look better. The project work involves using a laptop, this also adds to my arms weariness and fatigue.

The physio team that are looking after me are discussing whether I should be using a swimming pool to do some exercises which could speed up my recovery. If they think it is a good idea I will slot that into my regime. that would be fun, I can just see it now. An overweight man stood at the side of the pool, water up to his shoulders pushing against the wall being watched by the early morning ‘mothers and toddlers’ swimming group. I would look like someone who either does not have all his faculties or does not understand the concept of a swimming pool and keeps wondering why it has a wall instead of a beach.

Arm hurting, time to stop.

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