What to blog?

Having spent the last hour looking through my blogging site I am concerned. Where have all the normal people gone? I want to follow some fellow bloggers to gain a little knowledge on how a blog works, how often people post, layouts, activity on blogs. I just want to get a general feel for the blogging world.

If you want to look at blogs you have to choose an area of interest! It has to be specific, Arts, Sport, politics. Where is the area for normal bloggers. I’ve looked to find blogs from people who are just writing down their thoughts, musings, rants, observations, the stuff they come across during their everyday lives. I might be showing my lack of knowledge about this internet world that I have entered but I only seem to find blogs that have either stupid titles or agendas

Ignore everything I’ve just written, I’m stupid!

I could have deleted the first two paragraphs of this post once I found the area on the site where you can ‘explore’ or browse. OMG there are hundreds, probably thousands, of bloggers writing thoughts or musings, I just couldn’t find them and got frustrated and wanted to moan rather than spend the time finding the right place to go on the site.

Now its up to me to go through and read some blogs!

Now, does this post go under thoughts, findings, rant……… I feel like a novice, first time at blog school and don’t know the rules.

Rule 1: Don’t talk about the blog club.

Doesn’t quite work does it, when the whole idea og blogging is being visible and public. It was a nice thought though. Joining a secretive club with limited members who were ruled by a shared interest and secrecy.


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One Response to What to blog?

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Pleased to meet you and thanks for following my author blog…by all means look and ask me questions re how it all works, but I warn you, I just take a hit and miss attitude. I have felt my way through it all on my own. Good luck and thanks again. Jane

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