On The Beach

The sun is hot and it’s making the sand hot to walk on. This deck chair is nice and cool, being shaded by that big umbrella. This little bit of shade is very relaxing. Hopefully I’ll not be spotted by the deck chair man and I can have a quiet little lie down on this lounger before I carry on with my day.  I’d like to pick up a bird later, one that’s off guard, exhausted because of this heat. Oh no, there’s the man walking along the sand, I hope he doesn’t see me; I don’t want to move yet.  He’s getting too close, that’s a shame. I’ve got the go. I’ll jump off the sun bed and hop onto the little wall that separates the sand from the flowerbed.  This is good to trot along; then I’ll dash across the prom to my back alley behind the restaurants.  Just take a little look back to see how close the man gets; he’s checking the area by the deck chair.  No I did not do a shit; I was just looking for a quiet bit of shade to rest before I carried on with my day.

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