A Second Of Time

You all look so pathetic sitting there. You, Sir, sat there doing your newspaper puzzle, you probably work for a big bank. Look at you all, you’re all the same, the banker type. Even you, Madam, sat on the opposite side; you are the female version of him over there. At work, should be at home.  You’re all living a life of lies. Drinking your expensive coffee before work, this is your coffee bar isn’t it? In your city, right where you work. That’s why I chose it. You all looked at me when I walked in. You didn’t like me did you? I bet you were hoping I didn’t sit next to you. I do look out of place here, tracksuit bottoms, trainers and a big baggy jacket. I will not be here for long; you will be free of me soon. 

Your lifestyle disgusts me. You have all the advantages and none of the difficulties. With all that you are given you show no appreciation. No Faith in your luck. No wisdom for how you got your wealth or position. Raping the world you live in with little consideration for your fellow man. No compassion or love for your brothers who work and toil on a fraction of your wealth and still rejoice. The young man in the corner catches my eye and nods with a small nervous smile. ‘Yes’ my brother you may be of the same skin but you have lost your way. You are deaf to His voice. You do not hear His call. I pity you. You are travelling blindly through your life without the elation of serving Him.

I do not. I feel His love; I hear His voice and I listen. I will feel His grace soon and receive my reward. You will all know me briefly. The world will know me for longer. My brothers will praise my sacrifice and chant my name. He will love me and reward me. I will release you from your false worlds and show you the right path. I am going to send you to a better place.

As I slowly stand I see you looking at me, watching me, glad I am leaving. I stop in the middle of the coffee shop and open my jacket. A few of you look. A few of you see! I see your faces open wide. A few of you start to rise. It is okay, I’m taking you to paradise. You will all travel with me. You will all feel my glory. I place my finger on the little button and press………

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